Family History


Over 2 million men and women have served in the Royal Artillery since its formation in 1716.

So literally millions of people in Britain and around the world are descended from or related to Gunners.

Prime Minister Edward Heath, Spike Milligan, Frankie Howerd, the war poet Edward Thomas and  the boxer ‘Bombardier’ Billy Wells were all Gunners.

If you have a Gunner in your family tree then the Museum may be able to advise you on your research.


Getting started

To help you get started, Service and medal records are two good sources of information. Follow these two links for more information:

More information on Service Records >

More information on medal recipients >


Find out more

There’s lots of free information online to help you research your Gunner ancestor.

You can start with these three websites:


Read more:


Is There a Gunner in Your Family Tree? RAML, 2009 >